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DAP Series electric diaphragm pumpModel:


DAP Series electric diaphragm pump adopted the cycloidal reducer which is enable the
volume of left and right pump chamber, so as to suck in and exhaust liquids, is one new kind of
pumps, which has been employed in more and more industrialized countries over the world in
recent years because of the breakthrough development in its diaphragm materials, it displaces
some centrifugal pumps and screw pumps and is used in the fields of chemistry, ceramics,
metallurgy and so on.
Ⅱ. Operating Principle
Each of two symmetrical working chamber are equipped with a piece of elastic diaphragm, which
is connected by a connecting rod that square groove is on the above. With the key, the motor
shafter is connected to a piece of eccentric shaft connected with the bearing, which is working
with the above square groove. Connecting rod can be working, when the motor rotates.
When connecting rod shaft to the left movement, the left chamber being in compression state,
the liquid was squeezed out of the chamber, at the same time the right side of the chamber is on
expansion, so the external liquid can be inhaled into the chamber in the body; After connecting
rod movement to the right, the right chamber in compression state, the liquid is compressed to
outside, at the same time the left chamber on the expansion can the external fluid into the
chamber in the body, thus realize the motor drives the diaphragm work back and forth, the
medium's transfer function.
Ⅲ. Main Applications
1. Various toxic, flammable and volatile liquids;
2. Various strongly acidic, strongly alkaline and strongly corrosive liquids;
3. Transmitting mediums with high temperature at 150;
4. Backing pressure feeder for various filter presses;
5. Employed for retrieving and circulation of heat water;
6. Loading and unloading of oil tankers, oil depots and oil goods.
7. Pumping of pickles, jams, mashed potato and chocolate etc.
8. Pumping of paint, gum and pigment adhesives;
9. Employed for various porcelain, glaze, cement, grout, mortar and slurry;
10. Employed for various rubber, latex, organic solvent, stuffing;
11. Employed for clearance of oil tanker barge to suck off inner sewage and residual oil.
12. Employed for hops, yeast thin grout, syrup and molasses;
13. Pumping of sewage and sediment in mine, adit, tunnel and sewer.
14. Suction and transmission of various special mediums.

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